Case Study – Laundry Industry


Our customers in the laundry industry were being challenged with the ongoing maintenance with their mechanical machinery . They were looking for a solution for automatically lubricating bearings on critical plant, that could work in conjunction with PLC control where required, but also as a stand alone system, to supply differing lubricants to multiple applications, from the same system – Lubricus has these options and flexibility.

Tony Condon of TCE Transmission Ltd & Auto Lubricator Shop (ALS) ) was asked to provide a reliable & accurate Automated Lubrication Solution from our range of products for the following areas;

  • Ironer Bearings
  • Continuous Batch Washer Bearings


Tony came up with two part Lubricus solution to the two areas in question. Battery Unit (LUB-B-2) for the areas were a power point was not available and the 24v Powered Option LUB-V. But also Lubricus C for applications where multiple units were required to be controlled from one point.

The Lubricus lubrication system is always used when an autarchic operation desired or necessary. The high-efficient battery pack can optionally be set to empty the lubricant cartridge over a period of 1-36 months. With the other units being 24V powered, these will work in perfect unison with the machines requirements (can be set to work only when the machine is in operation).

Product detail Lubricus B & V:

  • 1 or 2 outlets, 70 bar supply pressure
  • LCD display with LED
  • Stand Alone Operation
Product detail Lubricus B & V:

 Lubricus Battery Unit (LUB-B-2) for the areas were a power point was not available and the 24v Powered Option (LUB-V-2)

In addition to the above lubrication units, Tony proposed the Lubricus “C” and Controller (programmable logic controller )

The benefits of the Lubricus C & Lubricus Controller:

  • Lubricating units are attached close to the actual lubricating points
  • Central monitoring is possible (from Lubricus Controller)
  • Individual supply volumes possible
  • Monitoring of up to 16 lubrication points
  • Electronics and monitoring components can be installed in a user-friendly environment
Lubricus "C" and Controller

Lubricus “C” and Controller
Lubricus Lubrication System Type C Controller
Lubricus Controller – Ironer
Lubricus C unit in place - Ironer
Lubricus C unit in place – Ironer


  • Ironer Extraction Bearings
  • Batch Washer Bearings
  • Folding machines
  • Washing machines
  • Flatwork Irons
  • Dryers
  • Feeders
  • Washer Extractors.

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