Mining and Quarrying Total Cost of Ownership

Lubricants generally account for a significant 5% of maintenance expenditure. Our expertise managing lubricants lets our customers achieve the savings needed to reduce the total cost of ownership, with a proven impact on a further 30% of businesses’ total maintenance budget.

There are two processes that can help you reduce the total cost of ownership in mining. The first is to use the most appropriate lubricant solution for each type of equipment; the second is to practice effective lubricant management.

Edelman Intelligence produced a study which showed that 60% of mining companies recognise that effective lubricant selection and/or management can help reduce costs. However, fewer than 10% of the businesses in the study understood that the potential savings can be six times greater than the expected average1

In today’s mining environment, cost reduction is key. Our customers are increasingly relying on their equipment to simply work harder. Vehicles are running for longer periods at a time, with heavier loads, against steeper inclines. All to drive the maximum productivity for the business.

In the short term, pushing machinery harder can boost productivity, but long term, the impact on equipment life, ODIs, and the risk of unplanned downtime can create real problems for mining operations. As maintenance expenditure increases, any benefit in the short term has not only been lost, but thoroughly reversed.

Our expertise lies in sourcing the best in class dependable lubricants and the management of lubrication in order to create real solutions for mining companies. By enabling machines to work harder, without contributing to greater harm and wear of components, customers can drive productivity in the long term, keeping maintenance costs under control.

Lubricus Lubrication System Type C Controller

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