Furniture Manufacturer: Auto Lubrication Case Study

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Recently ALS paid a visit to a long standing furniture manufacturing customer. The Production Area was assessed with Maintenance Personnel and information obtained regarding reliability of equipment, methodology used to apply lubricants, lubrication schedule & type of lubricant used. We found in many cases, confusion over which lubricant to use for particular applications, plus correct lubrication schedule. In addition we discovered that many hidden grease points & other pivot points, were receiving no lubrication at all.


LUB-B-2 (Lubricus Unit with 2 outlets, Lithium Battery Powered).

Lubricus LUB-B-2
Lubrication of Slideways

Lubricus B

  • 1 or 2 outlets
  • 70 bar supply pressure
  • Can reliably provide lubrication points with lubricant for up to 36 months
  • Used when stand alone operation is desired or necessary
  • LCD-Display with LED
  • Quick-check (back-pressure readings)

Lubricus V

The 24V variant of the Lubricus lubrication system is always the right choice when a power supply can be simply attached. The LUB V strengths become particularly apparent during discontinuous operation.

  • 1 or 2 outlets
  • 70 bar supply pressure
  • LCD-Display with LED
  • Error readouts possible
  • Quick-Check (back-pressure readings

View 24v Lubricus V

Simalube (Gas powered single point lubricator)

Lubrication of Vacuum Pump.

Simalube is a totally recyclable gas driven singe point lubricator. Very accurate & reliable, this unit creates hydrogen gas pressure at 5 bar as its motive force, to feed lubricant to the desired areas.


  • Vac Pump
  • Dust Unit
  • Shrink Wrapper Chain
  • Slideways
  • Drive Lift Table
  • Shaft
  • Vinyl Loader
  • Fan Bearings

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