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How to Reduce Bearing Failures

Sealed-for-life bearings account for only a small proportion of all bearings in use, more than 14 per cent of all premature bearing failures are attributed to contamination problems.

When to Use Lubrication Equipment

Versatile and reliable, lubrication equipment safeguards machinery against wear and tear while reducing maintenance needs and increasing operational uptimes for maximum value.

Wire Rope Lubrication Basics

At one mine site, the replacement rate for four 44-mm ropes was extended from an average 18.5 months to 43 months. At another mine, life cycles of four 43-mm x 2073 meter ropes were extended from an average 8 months to 12 months.

Using Lubricants in Mining Equipment

Not only can long-lasting lubricants increase productivity, leading to greater profits, they can also reduce costs through more energy efficient processes, reduced lubricant consumption and a reduction in maintenance and replacement machinery.

Automatic Lubrication in Mining Industry

 Time saving Increasing work safety Lower lubricant consumption Less machine downtime Reducing energy costs Reducing risk of contamination  Contamination Costs Safety In the mining industry the access to many lubrication points is burdensome or dangerous. Manual lubrication is inconvenient due to spacious facilities and a large variety of different lubricants and applications. Contamination […]

Automatic Lube Systems aren’t ‘Set it and Forget it’ Solutions.

Electrically controlled automatic lube systems – a popular add-on to trucks in Europe whose popularity is growing in the U.S. – ensure lubrication points periodically get a small doses of fresh grease by dispensing it at regular intervals