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Using Lubricants in Mining Equipment

Not only can long-lasting lubricants increase productivity, leading to greater profits, they can also reduce costs through more energy efficient processes, reduced lubricant consumption and a reduction in maintenance and replacement machinery.

Automatic Lubrication in Mining Industry

 Time saving Increasing work safety Lower lubricant consumption Less machine downtime Reducing energy costs Reducing risk of contamination  Contamination Costs Safety In the mining industry the access to many lubrication points is burdensome or dangerous. Manual lubrication is inconvenient due to spacious facilities and a large variety of different lubricants and applications. Contamination […]

Mining and Quarrying Total Cost of Ownership

There are two processes that can help you reduce the total cost of ownership in mining. The first is to use the most appropriate lubricant solution for each type of equipment; the second is to practice effective lubricant management.