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Automatic Lubrication in Mining Industry

 Time saving Increasing work safety Lower lubricant consumption Less machine downtime Reducing energy costs Reducing risk of contamination  Contamination Costs Safety In the mining industry the access to many lubrication points is burdensome or dangerous. Manual lubrication is inconvenient due to spacious facilities and a large variety of different lubricants and applications. Contamination […]

Lubrication Options for Highly Contaminated Areas

Single-point lubricators are also an excellent option if the bearings are in an area that is difficult to access or if a constant supply of grease is required.

Case-Study: Meeting Canning Demands Positively

Lubricus Units provide grease reliably, in correct dosages, to help prevent premature wear of bearings & to reduce the amount of power required to operate parts of the decorator – ultimately reducing a company’s carbon footprint & therefore costs & taxes.

Energy From Waste Case Study

By utilizing the automatic lubrication system, the EFW plant are now able to eliminate manual lubrication on their machines, increasing both employee safety and production.